Logger pro slope uncertainty

logger pro slope uncertainty Start the data collecting in Logger Pro and drop the filter. Set up the track on a sturdy surface. Drawing a best fit line to graphical data and determining the slope of the best fit line The deliverable for this practical is an abbreviated write up including the following sections DATA ANALYSIS UNCERTAINTY and CONCLUSIONS. For Rx less than about 200 k the LabPro ohmme ter agrees with the multimeter even when Logger Pro is not calibrated. 01 sec . 3 icon. Choose the appropriate folder and proceed normally. Enter your data from Data Table 2 into Data Set 2. Slope of trendline 5. Each click places a point locating the x and y coordinates of your object relative to the origin and advances the video by one frame. our propagated uncertainty for x is 0. 19499 0154a5 18495 0. Finding the Order With Respect to Crystal Violet 1. k Analyze your data using the Logger Pro Curve Fit tool in the Analyze menu to fit your plot of Fcoul vs. 258. In the new window that appears select mx b Linear on the left. 6 After your graph has been printed calculate the slope and the distance Uncertainty principle I used a ULI II interface with Logger Pro software from Vernier Software to collect data in this experiment. Determine the constant velocity of the plot area you determined in question 17. Constant accelerating force Measure the mass of the glider and record this value m g on your spreadsheet clearly labeled with appropriate units. The uncertainty is related to the width of the peak since the wider the peak is the more uncertain where the highest point is. Although they do not look like linear functions we will only take certain piece of each line to find out the slope. Examine the graph made by Logger Pro. It was learned earlier in Lesson 4 that the slope of the line on a velocity versus time graph is equal to the acceleration of the object. Logger Pro Best Fit Instructions with Uncertainty 1. Keep a sample copy of the lab pro graph for your report. You will see the following velocity vs. Logger Pro Students used a motion detector and Logger Pro to find the speed of their buggies. 5 C away from the 100 measurement mean than the sensor uncertainty as written in the data sheet will be 0 Using Excel s regression package see the Guide to Excel section calculate the slope the intercept and the uncertainty in the slope and intercept at the 95 confidence limit for these data. Upload the file quot video_and_Logger_Pro quot at the end of my lesson for step by step instructions on how to use the software. Steps 11 13 are repeated for triplicate trials for all five concentrations of sodium chloride. Enter your data into the X column. Do this by clicking on the y axis label and unchecking velocity then check Distance. Your lab report will need to include a brief summary. You may need to change the data option so that significant figures are not used and a specific number of decimal places or place value is. Discard your solutions down the drain. Shutdown and save the Logger Pro exp. Include proper labels with units in your table headings. changing its velocity by 4 m s per second then the slope of the line will be 4 m s s. To do Use Logger Pro to calculate mean time and uncertainty from the time given A B C Acceleration m s 2 4. The other side of immersion heater is put into a beaker which contains 200mL water initial. Procedure Thermometer readings are recorded via the Lab pro interface upon attachment and are displayed graphically on the Logger Pro software on the provided laboratory laptops for Procedure A. Find and open the le title 01a Graph matching. time graph The constant C represents the coefficient value for the x 2 value of the position vs. 5 kPa. This lab will give you some practice using the program especially since you will use it many times in your chemistry courses. function Logger Pro can automatically calculate the uncertainty of your slope and intercept see Working with Logger Pro video tutorial Part 2 . What does the area under a velocity vs. Record this slope in the data table. We repeated this test with varied parameters 6 times. To define the term velocity. Click on the Logger Pro logo. Double click on the X in the Data Set window. This slope will be compared to the accepted value of the acceleration due to gravity g 9. notebook October 25 2012 1. To do this stand about 1 m from the Motion Detector and have your lab partner click . t gives us the slope alpha. 3 Set Movi I am working with a program called Logger Pro. The average angular acceleration was 1. Save the logger pro file in your student drive just in case Cue up your video tape and attach the camera to the laptop with the mini fire wire cable. To do this stand about 1 m from the Motion Detector and have your lab partner click. Please do not save anything on the hard drive. Here s how 1. Approximate the uncertainty in the angle. Unit 1 covers how to make measurements and how to do math with those measurements. Click on the quot options quot max. Computer Science Broadcast Journalism Career and Technical Education CATE out to prepare this class for the uncertainty principle experiment. Sort the data in ascending order on Logger Pro. Create a Velocity vs. The random uncertainty can be estimated as of the full range of measured values. Once again of the disk holder was determined by allowing the mass to rise up and down while Logger Pro generated the angular velocity graph. I disk holder is the same value as was in the upright triangle I 9. A label will pop up on your graph showing the slope m and the y intercept b USING CURVED FIT TOOL 1. A column of real numbers Note A guide for LoggerPro Software is given in Appendix 1 at the end of this lab manual. For this part of the lab use Logger Pro to graph find slopes areas equations. Have Logger Pro plot velocity vs. Site license includes home computers of both students and faculty. SKIP TO 8 FIRST AND COME BACK Close Logger Pro file. The data you collect in the first part of the experiment will be non time based meaning you will be entering values manually. Up to this point what we 39 re trying to do is to get Logger pro to give us angular acceleration alpha . We did many trials however picked our best 5 to be displayed in the report. Using the Logger Pro program create a graph of Force Needed vs Distance. 1995 because the motion sensor records distance in meters . 0 3. I used the Cut and Paste technique to get this graph from Logger Pro to LabQuest or computer with Logger Pro software installed 2 m stick Directions Place the Go Motion detector on the floor. edu. A correlation coefficient is a number between 1 and 1 that measures to what extent two variables are linearly related. One pulled a wooden block with a constant speed and recorded data in logger pro. Logger Pro will automatically construct a graph of position vs time in both the horizontal x and vertical y directions. 95 1. Collect Data with LabQuest and Logger Lite or Logger Pro Connect a sensor to LabQuest. Start Logger Pro. When you hover the mouse over the parameter value field the tooltip will display the uncertainty in the parameter if known. 005m and uncertainty for the time as 1 60s yet the uncertainty of the slope didn 39 t change. Here is a plot of the battery life as a function of the number of browser tabs open. 12 10. It is simple to use and economical to deploy. position. Note that 1 cm 3 1 mL. Click on the Statistics button and pick the Mean or Average option. The uncertainty in the slope of the graph is 0. 14493 0. 8 is the USB cable. Determining the Densities of Lucite Lead and Wood 1 Screw down a clamp to the support bracket then fasten the handle of the force sensor to the clamp. These are given by Logger Pro luckily no calculation for you . Be sure to enter the units of the slope. g. Plug the black motion detector into the DIG SONIC 1 port of the Labpro with the black cable with white plugs. While you can also share the collected data in the form of a video the lack of filters can be a deterrent. To determine the velocity of Cart 1 after the collision Use the blue best fit line from Logger Pro between time 1. If you use MS Excel to plot your graph refer to Tutorial 5 to learn how to use the LINEST function to find the uncertainties on your fit parameters. Next you will place a data point on each frame of the video corresponding to a point on the object whose motion you wish to analyze. The velocity at that time is zero. Record the acceleration which is the slope in the data table. 16. Then you can drag over a small straight region just after the collision and get the slope there. To nd the uncertainty of velocity v use the procedure described in section 0. For example measure the resistance of a resistor by using both a multimeter and Ohm s Law. Therefore you have found a value of the slope that corresponds to some physical quantity. Are the slopes the same Slope for ring _____ Slope for disk _____ Investigation 3. In the same way estimate the slope using the last two points. 51. vernier logger pro 3 Vernier 39 s Logger Pro is an easy to use data collection and analysis software for Windows and Mac computers. 000329 seconds gram Mass 1. Logger Pro Graphing Instructions Follow these instructions to enter data into Logger Pro 1. mass of cart 510 grams uncertainty in mass Logger Pro software is used for generating scatter plots curve fits and regression statistics that include the uncertainty of the slope. You can post now and register later. To test your prediction choose a starting position and stand at that point. Applications Logger Pro 3 Experiments Physics with Vernier 01a Graph Matching 4. Logger Pro collected data Measure something that should be constant. Turn on the computer by pressing the space bar. Data Spread of uncertainty There is some uncertainty associated with every measurement we take in the laboratory simply because no measuring device is perfect. Make sure that the Logger Pro graph CLEARLY has the axis labeled and shows the linear fit box on it which tells the slope 3. s Qualitative Data Panax ginseng catalase solution is yellow and opaque. Meanwhile set up the Logger Pro equipments and connect it to the laptop. The Logger Pro program recorded the motion of the cart after I released it from show more content The graph of energies versus distance position is attached. You will use the Logger Pro program and a pressure sensing probe. The slope will have some meaning that will be used to determine a quantitative answer to the lab s purpose sometimes it s the inverse of the slope that will answer the purpose As with any measured or calculated value we need to determine the uncertainty. Once a connection to the VW Quattro Logger has been estab lished the main menu vernier logger pro 3 download Vernier 39 s Logger Pro is an easy to use data collection and analysis software for Windows and Mac computers. Peter Ho. Portions from North Carolina State University. sketched in response to questions Q 2 and Q 3 with the corresponding plots drawn by Logger Pro. 2 Graph Tools 3. 1908 for n. This will bring up a menu that will allow you to try curves of best fit. mov. 602 13. The data was then collected along with the time it took to complete 10 rotations. 653 0. Logger Pro calculates the uncertainty of the parameters in fitted lines and curves using all of the data points by means of standard curve fitting algorithms. While we pulled the sensor logger pro was recording the entire motion of the block. Double lt clickonthe X intheDataSet window. Since the disk decelerates we can assume that there is a frictional force on the spinning disk. Period 9. Because of the crazy large number of digits provided by the photogate we do not need to worry about the uncertainty in our times and we measured value the uncertainty value and uncertainty 100 measurement uncertainty smallest measured value 7 5. A thermometer coupled with a Logger Pro graphical was placed into the liquid to measure the amount of time it took for the liquid to evaporate conpletely. Change the name to the name of the data you want on the X axis probably your independent variable or time . straight line since the reaction is 2nd order with respect to green with a slope equal to k f. 3130 Use the red best fit line from Logger Pro between time 1. 05 or more generally any value 92 pm e what will be the propagated instrument uncertainty on the second derivative of The following screen shots are from our trials 1 5. _____ radians. time curve is the velocity. 6. Mac OS X users can fi nd the icon in the Logger Pro folder created in Applications during installation. 07 g the uncertainty is 0. Now you must use the maximum and minimum best fit lines to determine the final uncertainty in the stated value of the slope of your best fit line. 3 Integrating real time graphing powerful analytical functions and intuitive hands on learning Logger Pro 3 software continues to make data collection as simple as measure analyze and learn. 3. and Texas A amp M University. 2 Load a Video 4. a to the same number as the uncertainty. The white cable in Fig. 6029 le. Note If you know how to do modeling or manual fitting you can select values. If the Logger Pro program is not running on the computer start it by double clicking on the appropriate icon on the desktop. Conceptually as a fit parameter is less constrained by the data points typically due to scatter of the points about the fitted line the lower constraint is reflected in a larger uncertainty. This order MUST be followed to ensure all the data can be recorded. Take your LabQuest 2 to one of the lab computers. Reduce the significant figures of the uncertainty to 1 and then the decimal places of Av. Logger Pro Video Analysis Guide The items in the table of contents are links. Prepare the computer for data collection by opening Exp 01D from the Physics with Computers experiment files of Logger Pro. 0 Import it into Logger Pro Try to perform the video analysis as we have done in class in the past Logger Pro how to use it instructions Logger Pro will provide data for time t and position x y copy and paste the data into excel and use them appropriately to inquire into the nature of the motion. 2 . Once the water is heated Transfer the water using the small beaker to the big one twice ensuring that the big beaker has 200 ml of water. A l Draw conclusions. Calculate the G by dividing the number of green by the total number of beads 3e6 . Logger Pro 3 This computer program is used with LabQuest 2 LabQuest LabQuest Mini LabPro or Go Link. Using the power fit we can see that A k amp n b. Velocity V. Measure the Average Period using the graph on the computer screen and the Logger Pro Statistics functions. Once the Windows NT desktop has appeared click on the Start button in the lower left corner then mouse over Programs Vernier Software Logger Pro 2. 1. m. It is NOT one of the four basic straightening techniques we have yet discussed in class. 8137 m s s We have a conflict in values for acceleration. Using the Logger Pro graph analysis we can find the maximum induced EMF in the top graph and the slope of the change in magnetic field to find change in magnetic field over time. Plot the dependence of velocity vs median time. The distance measured from one edge of a black band to the same edge of the next band is 5. Drag with the cursor in the graph window to select a region on the graph that you would like to analyze. 39 N m. Using the linear portion of the graph and Logger Pro analysis for the coffee filter drop determine the slope of the part of the drop where the velocity was constant. In this video we look at another If you do the trendline in Excel I am not sure how you would do this. Logger Pro has an analytics video facility for creating and analyzing the visible graph of motion representation in the video so that it can be used in physics learning. also appears with slope and intercept values. start logger Pro Locate the Logger Pro icon and double click on it. 633 s and t 1 1. Click on 39 Collect 39 in Logger Pro Hold the end of the fiber up to the hole and 39 tilt 39 the fiber until a reasonably large spectra is observed. Then connect it to the side USB port of the computer with the all black cable. Save data. Record the slope and y intercept values for the Brief summary the lecture explains calculation of mean Vm and standard deviation s . experimental data. Use linear fit to find the best straight line that fits the data points. 05 Logger Pro This activity is based on Experiment 24A Lactase Action CO 2 Sensor in the book Biology with Vernier written by Kelly Redding and David Masterman and is used with permission. That being said you should always manually calculate a few results to convince yourself that the program is working the way it should be. Once that was done we created a data set in logger pro and plugged in numbers in order to find a number that would make the slope 1 which was impossible but getting around 1 such as . atm slope 0. It may be necessary to Autoscale the graph to see all the data. Position a large coffee filter 1. To launch quot Logger Pro quot press the windows button and begin to type quot Logger. I wanted students to have some feel for the possibility and usefulness of representing time dependent signals in frequency Determining the actual uncertainty of a photogate connected to a laptop running Logger Pro via a LabPro is well beyond the scope of this course although in my Advanced Physics course we figure it out . Tool Summary 2. The relative uncertainty gives the uncertainty as a percentage of the original value. I learned how to use the Logger Pro software to collect data from the motion detector. Question 6 What is the weight in Newtons of the 200 g mass Click on File on the main menu and choose Exit to quit Logger Pro. What type of motion is occurring when the slope of a velocity vs. 681 9. These angular velocities are those of the sensor and not of the disc. Getting Started and Calibration 1. The first part of the experiment is straightforward we used logger pro to measure the position versus time of the spinning disk and from that we can use logger pro to derive the deceleration of the disk for us. Select a region of the graph that encompasses at least 20 period measurements. Click to begin data collection. In other words it explicitly tells you the amount by which the original measurement could be incorrect. 8. Find the uncertainty in each peak wavelength. Rename the X column to your independent variable. We will find out the deceleration speed by recording the apparatus as it spins and then using logger pro to see at what rate it slows down. Consult the Data Loggers Software and Sensors appendix to learn how to determine the slope using the linear fit tool in Logger Pro. Arrange windows. 64 seconds Considering the small slope of the graph there is more likely no relationship between a the mass of a mass of a pendulum and its period. Record current ammeter output voltage Logger Pro graph and magnetic field strength Logger Pro graph in the table below. To facilitate the evaluation of the data you have obtained for the 25 trials you have performed disconnect the photogate from the interface and enter your values of slope into a new Logger Pro file. Setting Up 4. Excel will provide the Equipment Vernier computer interface Vernier Motion Detector Computers Logger Pro table clamp aluminum rod right angle clamp wooden blocks balls In this experiment you will measure the value of the acceleration due to gravity g using two different methods and compare them against the standard accepted value of 9. 933 19. If the Logger Pro program is not running on the computer start it by double clicking on the appropriate icon on the desktop. Mass amp Volume Post Lab Using Logger Pro Excel or a graphing calculator plot class data for your metal type orange or shiny . You will be dropping it through a Photogate to measure g. 8 Connect the Logger Pro unit via USB to the Mac. You will need a UART adapter module to program your logger This must support 3. Write labs in Logger Pro or export data to Word or Excel. 0 and a max of 3. 55cm. Switch off the ULIII interface box. Connect the other probe tips to the signal output as shown in the figure. In Logger Pro you 39 ll need to open an experiment file that will collect the data you need. They use the slope of the line to determine this. volume data. Using the cursor on the resonance curve provided by the fit estimate the width Df of the curve at one half the maximum height and the uncertainty. Our graph shows four different lines because the experiment was ran four times each time with different blocks. Logger Pro software 10 F non polarized capacitor. 3. Set up the equipment and start Logger Pro 3. Logger Pro and Microsoft Excel 2007 were em ployed to process the data. With the force sensor connected to a laptop we collected data on Logger Pro. time graph is zero 10. The slope value should be different some might be negative as well and you may have a different Logger Pro Untitled Eile Edit Experiment Data Analyze Insert Uncertainty in Force N 0. Perform a motion analysis for the fall. We also used a curve fit to find the slope which will help us to eventually find the acceleration since we now know the velocity. The objective of this lab is to become accustomed to using Logger Pro data collection software and the Lab Pro interface. To learn how to use Logger Pro and the motion detectors in lab. The horizontal axis has volume scaled from 0 to 20 mL. 77g cm 3 the true density for Zn is 7. 9 V If you have a PC or Mac but are unable to install Logger Pro contact Joon for help. quot 2. Open Logger Pro in the Logger Pro 3 folder found in Applications. 2s. Toassist you labelthesepointsasseeninFig. To get max and min lines on the graph On the toolbar select Analyze gt Model. Open a blank file double click the Logger Pro shortcut. Because of this we can neither confirm nor deny the validity of our models through our testing. Make test plots of data to find linear relationships. There is uncertainty in these measurements which are shown to be . Is your value for g consistent with the accepted value of 9. Did two filters fall faster slower or at the same rate as one filter In lab graphs are often used where LoggerPro software calculates uncertainties in slope and intercept values for you. Here m is the uncertainty in the slope m max is the slope of the Velocity vs. Series 1170 2019 012081 After the players were recorded the video was put into the Logger Pro software to be analyzed for velocity of the swing. 0. Save it to your computer. 028 meters away from the motion sensor at the bottom of the ramp. How can you reasonably estimate the uncertainty based on your measurements. 10. Remember our old friend LINEST Although LINEST is short Read more about Nonlinear Curve Fitting in Excel In this plot a slope of one indicates complete agreement between the two instruments. We plot these numbers into logger pro and got a graph which gives the slope and the slope is the acceleration due to gravity. 33 and our proprogated uncertainty for d is 0. mov and . 3 basket style coffee filters Diagram Preliminary Questions 1. When an object obstructs the beam of a photogate the timer starts when the obstruction is removed the timer stops. The software is not free although a free trial version can be used for 30 days. 1 Saving Your Work 4. Answer Question 7 on the answer sheet 4. quot Strategies for Variance Estimation quot PDF . Perform a quot linear fit quot on the data. Accuracy is a measure of how close an estimate is to an accepted value. If the value of the intercept is changed a lot by a little change in the data then the intercept will have a bigger uncertainty. Obtain and Copying data and graphs from Logger Pro Experiment Examples Appendix Inserting Pictures Graphs and Data in AppleWorks Built In Experiment Files. in 5 or 10 g increments changing the difference between the masses but keeping the total constant. It is an artifact of experimental uncertainty with the measurements. mov will Under the Logger Pro file open Logger Pro Video Files and select one of the Projectile videos to open. 33s is negative so the velocity is also negative. We then averaged them in order to more easily work with the data and to compare it. The only other variable is velocity logger pro used the position time gathered from the motion sensor to calculate the velocity. Enter your wavelength and voltage data from the data table. Set up the apparatus as shown in Figure 1. magnetic Lab 4 Conservation of Mechanical Energy Introduction When a body moves some things such as its position velocity and momentum change. . xmbl using Logger Pro. 7 software. Prepare the computer for data collection. We connect the immersion heater to the power watch then turn it on. Use either Logger Pro or Excel to plot a graph of the maximum static friction force vertical axis vs. We can use the value of the slope as the density of the metal Equation 3 which will allow us to identify it later by comparing it with known values of the densities of various metals. 18. 14. Open your template graph file that produces the three graphs and copy the data from your Excel sheet into the Logger Pro data table. Add one drop of catalase solution to test tube 1 and put the stopper into the test tube and hit collect on the Logger Pro Software. The spreadsheet function of Logger Pro was programmed to perform the obvious calculations of averaging the five sets of data taking the reciprocal of the average pressure data finding the product of pressure and volume finding the uncertainty in the volume converting units etc. 90 9. The software provides built in functions to find the area under the curve and its slope. Find the angular acceleration by linear regression of angular velocity vs. Our calculation of density for Al 2. Then using a free body diagram we will calculate the acceleration of the cart as it rolls down a ramp and using this acceleration we will solve to see how long it would take the cart to roll down one meter. Print your graph by following the directions on the following slide. The computer can find the best straight line fit to the velocity time data. So if the 95 measurements fall into a range of plus 0. 11. There are at most two significant digits in the slope based on the uncertainty. All of this information can be displayed either as a table or a graph. A qualitative analysis of the graphs of Start quot Logger Pro quot by double clicking on the icon on the desktop. Launch Logger Pro or Logger Lite. LW LW LW P 12. How does this compare with the value you obtained for the first 5 trials You 39 ll do the analysis in Logger Pro. Using Video and Logger Pro to Measure the Motion of Objects Page 2 of 3 9. Use Logger Pro to graph position vs. Calculate the slope of Slope resistance rises sharply below 6 V and more gradually above 6 V but is typically 10 at 5 mA for a 6. Physics 1050 Experiment 1 Part II for slope. Calculate the percent uncertainty in the diameter of the spheres using equation 7. Methods Logger pro laptops camera tripod the trajectory in the form of an inclined plane the balance of o 39 haus hollow cylinder material in the form of iron. Open Logger Pro. Select the interface. 005 0. If Ic is charging current through capacitor then Ic is maximum at the beginning and it slows starts getting smaller until the capacitor is fully charged or the Potential difference built across capacitor is equal to the supply voltage V. 0 means that there is no linear relationship. Logger Pro color pencil to correct graphs Procedure. Do the same for your Y column for your dependent variable. Virus free and 100 clean download. The slope of vs. Developed by Vernier Software amp Technology this educational program is a convenient tool that supports various scientific sensors and equipment for academic use. Estimating the uncertainty of autofit parameters. 0 1. straighten the graph by adding an appropriately calculated column in Logger Pro to make your data a direct variation so that the ACCELERATION DUE TO GRAVITY g IS THE SLOPE. Lab Cupcakes and Drag Introduction To understand this experiment one must first understand the effect of terminal velocity on Newton s Second Law Conclusion after calculating our predicted distance to be 78. Here we plotted our terminal Force vs time and use the power fit function on logger pro. The slopes were then recorded a steeper greater slope means it evaporated faster. Bandgap references are often actually a complex integrated circuit and usually have an output voltage of 1. Click on Dig Sonic Channel 1 and select Reverse Direction for the motion detector. If you have a PC or Mac but are unable to install Logger Pro contact Joon for help. Write mathematical representations in standard y mx b form for linearized data. 5 2. 794 Run B From the average mean time of fall calculate the experimental gravitational acceleration. Includes over 1 000 experiment files supported by our library of lab books. Then use Logger Pro to collect data showing the angular deceleration. 129 and the derivative of the Cx 2 is related to the slope of velocity vs. What additional information will you need to determine the average speed of the Uncertainty in the gradient minimum and maximum fit lines Applications and skills Linear fit in Logger Pro Fitting maximum and minimum fit lines manually in Logger Pro Download the falling volley ball video and import it to Logger Pro. Record this Average Period in the Pendulum Data Table. Compare this new value with the value of the resistance set in the simulation by calculating a The rate of change in absorbance of the mixture is measured using Logger Pro for 20 seconds. 79 x 10 5 Joules . Equipment Computer with Logger Pro software lab pro motion detector nine coffee filters meter stick. Write down those values and write down the equation it used to fit the data. 5 is by getting the mid points of the positions of the data. Sketch this position vs. Be able to create and fully label a position velocity and acceleration graphs in the Logger Pro program if necessary be able to delete existing and or add additional graphs. Logger Pro Viewer Software Logger Pro v. Labelwiththewavelength Open Logger Pro . Also compare the force you obtained from the mass with the force measured by the force transducer. Logger Pro requires a The uncertainties that were ran into included the logger pro software crashing unexpectedly aiming the balls correctly to get a good angle after the collisions the camera set up could have been zoomed in to provide better close up footage and difficulty in setting up the glass table to be completely. Equipment Computer station Vernier computer interface Logger Pro Excel 2 Vernier motion detectors per group track level 2 carts per group extra weights In this experiment you observe collisions between pairs of carts under different conditions and measure changes in momentum during these collisions. They printed a copy of the graph and taped it into their lab notebooks. Print your graph . It is interesting and useful to consider things that do not change. This is the same as said above but stated in terms of data points. 12. 3 Using the data in Excel create a formula in the blue cell E6 to calculate the time the car spent in the gate. What kind of relationship is this _____ 8. Logger Pro is a program by Vernier Software to take measurements via electronic probes connected to an analog to digital interface box described in last week s column. Replace y and x with dependent and independent variable names. The generous Site Licence covers a single school campus or in the case of a university a single department at a single campus. By using 1 meter stick and scaling the blue point on the vertical component we are ready for the experiment. Pedagogy in Action gt Library gt Measurement and Uncertainty gt Examples of Measurement and Uncertainty gt Lab Measuring the Speed of Sound in Air with uncertainty analysis Although many versions of this lab exist this version written by Peter Bohacek includes uncertainty analysis consistent with effective measurement technique. m 2 r in Logger Pro and check if a linear fit with a unity slope is consistent with the data by counting the data points that don 39 t fit on Using Logger Pro produce a graph of your motion when you walk away from the detector with constant velocity. 003639 which is 0. 5 of 65. And we know that vs. In a new column in Excel or Vernier s Logger Pro or Graphical Analysis calculate a new column ln V t V 0 and plot ln V t V 0 versus t on linear graph paper linear graph in Excel Logger Pro or Graphical Analysis . Repeat steps 4 and 5 nine more times for a total of 10 trials. UART modules available with the FT232 CP2102 amp CH340 chips will all work if the chip maker supplies drivers for your operating system. We stir the water harmoniously and observe the change in temperature in Logger Pro. Watch the movie. Click on Start gt Programs gt VW QL Manager to launch the pro gram. The spring will hang at some height H and the end of the spring will have some height y to the motion sensor below. Determine the relationship between position and time for an accelerating object. If you consider your extreme end points the error bars indicate that the slope of your line will have a maximum and minimum possible value. This should start up the Logger Pro program. Computers Logger Pro 3 1. Print it out and staple it to this worksheet when you turn it in. Connect the two voltage probes to channel 1 and 2. Highlighting 10 points on your graph after the collision determine the velocity and associated uncertainty after the collision. 81 m s 2 A117 use this input form Enter the slope and its uncertainty in Table 2in your laboratory workbook The velocity of a falling object is given by the following kinematics equation gt B gt The equation of a straight line is lt FG H Compare these two equations and answer the following QUESTION 8 What is the value of g and its uncertainty from the velocity vs time graph Logger Pro can perform linear regressions but we will use this software later. 32 11. If the instrument uncertainty in position x was given by 92 pm0. 3 1. Stand in front of the motion detector with plenty of room to walk in front of it. 1 Resistance and temperature 7 pts One of the advantages of using Logger Pro is that a student does not need calculus in order to find the ar ea under the graph or its slope. Logger Pro Phenyl salicylate . This produced a graph of force vs. More Resources 2. force acting graph. 65 9. Logger pro is able to make a graph by marking the distances after each time frame that the filter fell. If the desired value can be determined directly from one measurement the uncertainty of the quantity is completely determined by the accuracy of the measurement. Then He used logger pro to give us a value for acceleration. Download anytime and distribute to students from online account. the slope which equals the density of water water in g cm 3. Disconnect the LabPro. Move the pointer to the origin s position in the video. These materials can be used to catch up on missed content review materials that were unclear in class and review for assessments. 8 m s 2 . 8 is not consistent with your answer to Q 1 consult with your lab instructor. Open the Logger Pro file ChangingVelocity2. GPS Logger Pro. Logger Pro will also create a graph of both the velocity of the ball and the acceleration. or 10. slope 6. 13. Experiment 15 15 2 Chemistry with Computers Temperature Probe unknown 400 mL beaker thermometer ring stand PROCEDURE 1. To find use the relationship between rotational and translational motion one of which is V R. displacement and find the slope which is the spring constant k of the line. You are going to plot a vs h in Logger pro so copy and paste these columns into the LoggerPro table. Logger Pro Instructions. On the Mac start the Logger Pro program. Record the results in the table in the row that shows zero applied torque. Plug in the cable from the Motion Detector into Digital Sonic Port 1 on the Lab Pro Interface Box. Figure 8 The normal force vs. Logger Pro Trial 1 We started the trial 26. Only record data accurate to 10 ms i. It lists the Macbook Pro battery with an energy of 77. 709 2. Next nest two filters and release them. If Logger Pro is running with someone else s data click File New. Title Microsoft Word Logger Pro 3 Procedures Author Richard Created Date 3 24 2020 10 19 17 AM Logger Pro or Logger Lite or you can retrieve previously collected data from the LabQuest to either program. Calculate the resistance value by taking the slope of the graph and multiplying by 1000. 4 Velocity According to the graph we found that between 0. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy amp Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators The next step is to tell Logger Pro that you want to use the quot error quot column as the uncertainty for the y column. Below is a Logger Pro file showing two linear fits of almost the same data the data sets are just horizontally offset by 100 units. 5 Watt hours or 2. Set up motion sensor with logger pro Release the hanger and the cart and record the data of its motion Record the acceleration by calculating the slope of the resulting Velocity vs. Plotted in Logger Pro a linear fit for the data give the equation Time 0. 8137 m s s Calculated acceleration 0. Then I found the slope at the linear portion of this plot which is the acceleration of the cart. A. The y axis was use for the position while the x axis is for the velocity. If you don 39 t have a PC or a Mac of your own you can use Logger Pro on a computer in the Science Center computer lab to complete this part. 005 0. Fitting the line we found the slope acceleration to be 0. In this case the slope has a physical meaning. The slopes and the slope uncertainty are the same. In this Logger Pro Hardware Setup 1. LW 18 Setting up the Logger Pro interface. Which is how we came up with the position vs. Part 1 Linear Regression Dependent and Independent Variables Logger Pro found the linear fit which provided us with all the variables required and also displayed us with the correlation rate of the data. Excel File Trial 1 17. The VW V Logger is a compact data logger designed to monitor four or eight model dependant vibrating wire sensors. We can get Logger Pro to display all three graphs simultaneously. The pressure transducer and the electronic thermometer should be automatically recognized. S. Place the file in the Mr. I Logger Pro kan det g res ved at klikke p betegnelserne p Use Logger Pro 39 s Analyze Examine Tool with the data collected by Logger Pro to determine the angular displacement measured by the RMS and record the result here. W. 20. Logger Pro is a general purpose data collection and analysis software that allows you to easily collate data and gauge readings. 13 which we were of by 5. Set up your Logger Pro motion detectors. Click on the quot options quot tab. Most video file types are accepted including . 4 0. When the acceleration is at a maximum the bob is located at a minimum position. When plotting graphs you do not need to include the uncertainty of the plotted values in your graph. Click on an item to go directly to that part of the document. When asked Do you want to save the changes you made Logger Pro file in the Physics 41 Lab 1 folder. time and measure the slope of the function both on the way up and on the way down. Go to File in the menu and click on Open. 237 x 10 4 kg m 2. When we started the motion sensor on Logger Pro the cart was 2. How would you determine the uncertainty in your calculated values Retrieved 2016 04 04. Then connect the photogate to DIG1. b. 11. Use the digital thermometer to measure it. Lab report considerations Open the file Lab7. Data Analysis The graph of the position showed the filter falling faster until the terminal velocity was approximated. This will be 5 or 6 pairs Propagating Uncertainty Multiplication and Division Propagating Uncertainty Powers and Roots Propagating Uncertainty in IB Physics Problems Measurement Uncertainty Data Tables explains statistical uncertainty Logger Pro in IB Physics The Average Line of Best Fit Equation Includes Uncertainty of Gradients and Intercepts Excel what and how Logger Pro measures the data. A graphing calculator is faster and more suitable for our objectives in this lab and that is the method we will use. Open the logger pro program set the sample to 5 and the time to 300 seconds. I then added an additional mass of about 30 grams. Printing Graph With Logger Pro 1. By increasing the current by 0. Let us help you simplify your studying. If you do it by hand on graph paper it would be easy. Its about a ten percent difference. Knowing the velocity before and after the impact will allow them to calculate the acceleration of the car and the crash test dummy inside it. Note that Logger Pro gives the total time it takes for the flag to pass through the gate. 2 Double click the Logger Pro icon on your computer screen. 767 1. 5. 4. 10. Label the curve in Logger Pro in the same manner you labeled the spectrum for the lamp. All slopes are negative as the temperature is a function of time decreasing steadily. With the slope of the acceleration and slope of the velocity we were able to use mathematical models to describe accelerated motion. Then type quot Logger quot and select quot LoggerPro. Wait for at least 1 hour before collecting data to allow for the sensor warm up . We have to practice a few times to be able to use the program plotting the point once you have the video of falling object. In Logger Pro switch to a position vs. 37 of the slope 0. 217 3. An example is shown below. The videos were scaled to the size of a regulation racquet 0. 1 7 and for macOS 10. The slope of graph m 0. So I would say the graph shows mA slope 7. If you are using a PC the following screen will be Record the acceleration which is the slope in the data table. Time Graph data to fill in the area around the peak or not include some data point to get logger pro to successfully fit the data. Connect the probe tips of channel 1 to the output that is proportional to 92 V_ acc 92 as show in Fig. A new line appears on the graph with a new The next step is to tell Logger Pro that you want to use the quot error quot column as the uncertainty for the y column. Video Recording Tips 4. Place them on either end of the track so they can record the positions and velocities of the 2 carts. The VW V Logger is ideal for monitoring multilevel piezometers and multipoint extensometers. 2MeasurementandUncertainties of the lab manual steps shown 2. Illustrates again the 68 probability of s. 2 for an uncertainty of 0. determine the position of the object. Apparatus You will have a spring hanging down from a force sensor. So let me show you three trials use Logger Pro to make table of Fmeas in N and the corresponding acceleration a in m s2 . From the Logger Pro menu make the following selection. 5 C and minus 0. His email address is pahk fas. Gas Sensor is connected to the Vernier Lab Pro interface and that Lab Pro is connected to the computer. The image above shows an immersion heater rated at 284 watts being submerged in a beaker of water along with a temperature sensor. This lab will instruct the use of different tools such as the Linear Fit and Statistics tools in Logger Pro. Add a velocity graph. Actually I did this analysis 5 times before I realized a mistake I was making. Goethe 1749 1832 LoggerPro is a general purpose program for acquiring graphing and analyzing data. Open Logger Pro on the Desktop. Draw arrows to complete the sentences below The X direction is The Y direction is Horizontal motion analysis 7. Measuring acceleration Before coming to the lab you found the slope of a printed velocity time graph. Open Logger Pro 3. Logger Pro Purpose Vernier s Logger Pro is a graphical analysis software that will allow you to collect graph and manipulate data. Logger amp Pro amp GraphingInstructions amp 1. time graph below. b Calculate the value of the Fmeas and its uncertainty. Walk slowly away from the Motion Detector when you hear it begin to click. Create a graph matching challenge. 3v output amp is easier to use if the pin order matches the ProMini connections. Data Presentation. Alternatively you can click on the Start button in the lower left corner then mouse over Programs Vernier Software Logger Pro 3. Logger pro is great at making graphs and giving out information in which we will translate to finding our k and n. To set up your X and Y data sets Double click on the X in your data set column. Open movie from file gt open gt sample movies gt basketball shot gt basketball shot. Significant Figures The figures that have useful information Scientific Notation A way to write extreme numbers legibly Uncertainty How far off the measurement can be Accuracy Closeness to the accepted value Precision Closeness of points of data to To compare slopes of data at different parts of the curve estimate the slope at the start of the graph the low current end using the second and third points. moomoomath. 4 Follow the instructions below to make a connection between your answer in 1 and in 3 . To find the work done we used the integration routine function on Logger Pro. So the slope of the position vs. We 39 ll leave that for now. It will look like it is collecting points but if you look at the data points in the columns. physics info physics. 80 m s 2 . Give we know the amount of loops in the coil and the area off the loop we can validate if Faraday s Law is correct. 65s and 2. Uncertainty propagation notes Example laboratory notebook just in case you 39 ve never kept a laboratory notebook before Logger Pro 3. 547 0. Turn off your power supply and clean up your apparatus before beginning your analysis. I ve discussed linear regression on this blog before but quite often a straight line is not the best way to represent your data. Turn on your computer connect the Lab Pro and motion detector device. It 39 s been a while now but as I recall I just wanted to test the photogate so I used Logger Pro to capture the data and exported it to a csv file. To start try something simple like force or temperature1. Start Logger Pro by clicking. c Do values of Fcalc and Fmeas agree with each other within the uncertainty ranges In the discussion explain why or why not 4 2. Too little data to conclusively claim a linear relationship. This graph is created by logger pro representing the relationship between two different temperature. file. Lets say our downward motion is positive and knowing that our speed is constant. 2 Procedure 2 Graph 1 aexp versus M c M h and obtain both the slope as well as the uncertainty in the slope. Logger pro calculated the kinetic energy by using the following formula KE 1 2mV 2. It can involve a graph features interpreting scales and data points b graph patterns or trends recognizing the significance of the shape of data and graph characteristics such as breakpoints maxima and noise and c disciplinary context understanding the underlying scientific ideas in a graph Lai et al. o Figure 2 0 20 444 0 14493 The best guess slope Sper can be calculated using these maximum and minimum values for the slope Smer and Sm respectively and the uncertainty in slope 6s can be calculated from However even without entering the uncertainties for position and time in the columns logger pro generated an uncertainty on the slope of the graph. This slope is the acceleration of the system. Record on your Worksheet the slope and uncertainty of the linear fit to your 9 points with all digits just as they appear in the data box for the time being you will keep all digits for subsequent calculations. time is velocity. time graph using Logger Pro 3 software. 386. Time Graph Repeat steps 3 and 4 for 9 different system masses. Use the half width at halfmaximum HWHM ofthepeakasameasureofthis. CCRECORD THE SLOPE m IN YOUR TLN. You should notice two meter sticks in the video end to end on the floor at the right of the person. Record the slope in the data table. 9. The computer will detect the LabQuest and Use the Logger Pro software to select a range of data values which lie along a smooth curve and fit the data with a curve of the quot Inverse Exponential Function quot type. Call airport for barometric reading before and after experiment to get measure of environmental pressure drift. We performed another calculation to find the final temperature if 50g of water at 5 C is combined with 150g of water at 85 C. Graphs always have some measure of uncertainty and in this case although the graph and data are in agreement at the beginning slope appears to be about 50 m s the ending slope is not in agreement with the position and time information. Connect the smart pulley to the Dig Sonic 1 port of the computer interface. Change the graph to plot Force vs. 614 Mean Time s Uncertainty s 2. Vernier Logger Pro for MAC Vernier Logger Pro for MAC is a data collection and analysis software for Mac computers specifically Mac OS X version 10. filters respectively. Based on the dimensions of the object Hint Play the movie in the Logger Pro experiment file. This gives a min slope of 3. The better the judgement on a measurement the less our range for our uncertainty will be. b A Logger Pro Analysis of Horizontal Motion During the Fall Consider the movie frames after the ball has left the edge of the table between t 0 0. cmbl files to the desktop and then double click on the shm_200. A glider released from rest on a sloping air track accelerates at a nearly uniform rate. Click to see the distance graph. 2. Collect the data for 200 seconds while agitating the tube during collection. Department of Physics amp Astronomy University of Pennsylvania 209 South 33rd Street University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA 19104 6396. Record the dV dt values and uncertainty in Table 1. Instead of drawing in the line by eye Excel or Logger Pro can find the best fit line We also need a computer which have video capture and logger pro. Trusted Windows PC download Logger Pro 5. The change in pressure over time was calculated by finding the slope of pressure vs. You see the collected data varies and can even use the stat button to get more information. 0 m. NOTE In order to create the Expression for the calculated column Logger Pro software Plastic quot Picket Fence quot on glider Elevating blocks Vernier Caliper 2 meterstick INTRODUCTION Acceleration is defined as t v Lim t 0 where v is the change in speed that occurs during the elapsed time t. Be sure that the slope and intercept found using the regression package are the same as those determined from the trend line. Sketch a position vs. Click on Logger Pro and open file Changing Velocity 2 . the normal force horizontal axis from Part II. To do so 2. 75cm and measuring the actual distance to be 81. Calculate the concentrations of NaOH after dilution. Then make a graph a vs Fmeas of the data. 80665 m s2. Take your LabQuest to one of the lab computers. You can consider the uncertainty to be the difference between your two measurements for each trial. By repeatedly analyzing this video I have an idea of the uncertainty due to the human input. 5 1. 614 18. The apparatus includes an immersion heater a power watch a beaker water and Logger Pro. 0 cm. 2 0. The type of motion occurring when the slope of a distance vs. NOTE By examining the setup of the system see comments above we can see Start logger Pro Locate the Logger Pro icon and double click on it. If the object is moving with an acceleration of 4 m s s i. 5 amps. 866 Slope Y Intercept Acceleration m s 2 9. In the case of this particular Logger Pro sample analysis you would want to determine the uncertainties in your slope and y intercept. III. Determine the average value of ag for all 25 trials. We found the above data values by using Logger Pro. To find Logger Pro on Your windows 7 or 8 computer press the quot windows quot button until you see the tiles. An online curve fitting solution making it easy to quickly perform a curve fit using various fit methods make predictions export results to Excel PDF Word and PowerPoint perform a custom fit through a user defined equation and share results online. Choose Set Up Sensors from the Experiment menu. Lecture and lab materials will be posted here following the class sessions. Launch VW QL Manager 3. 7 347 366 350 350 10 5. Continue to move masses from m2 to m1 in 5 or 10 g increments changing the difference between the masses but keeping the total constant. I used the Cut and Paste technique to get this graph from Logger Pro to This causes a net force of zero and the object stops accelerating. 8. In particular I first reviewed the properties of sinu soidal waves and we practiced use of the LabPro hard ware and Logger Pro software. Procedure 1. 0 Many of these are available in programs like Mathematica Logger Pro Excel and exist in python libraries so it is no necessary to do them by hand. GPS logging with running walking biking driving activities. Remember to use an equation Switch to Logger Pro. 0498 diameter the hanging mass was only 24. You can click on the Y axis labels to determine which one you want to view on the graph. c I Logger Pro vil der sandsynligvis allerede v re tegnet en form for graf automatisk. Begin by locating or creating a video of a projectile or any moving object . Image Below We have a free body diagram of how our coffee filter is while falling. Familiarize yourself with the software. This is a measure of the effect of friction within the sensor. Determining a Spring Constant Introduction Calculate the slope of the line. 1. Procedure Push the cart up the track at a certain angle and use Logger Pro to plot velocity vs. There will almost certainly be a question on the midterm or final exam in which you need to make a graph and find the slope. I then wrote a python program to process the data and extract the points of maximum slope 2nd derivative 0 . If you don t supply an X column the program will find one. to . Record the slope and uncertainty in Table 5. 120. The terminal velocity was observed by the graph approaching a straight line where the slope indicates the velocity of the coffee filter. Use Logger Pro to analyze video and calculate position velocity and acceleration. upenn. time scatter plot . Develop your own experiment files to match your curriculum. 01 s and is determined by the electronic unit controlling the Logger Pro acquisition system. The coordinate slope and area measurement tools described in Analyzing datacan also be Computer 1 1 4 Physics with Vernier EXTENSIONS 1. Solution. The complete data table in Logger Pro was too big to show all VW Quattro Logger 2009 8 31 3 Setting up the Logger Preparations 1. To differentiate between speed and velocity. Pre Lab Questions. Also there is the data analysis program Logger Pro that we will use in class. A window should open with a table along the left hand side and two graphs one above the other on the right hand side. You will use the linear regression function of Logger Pro to extract slopes and uncertainties from your measurements. After the file has downloaded to your computer double click the file to install the software. We initially setup the function generator at 10Hz and then we looked at the graph using logger pro for the same experiment with 1000 Hz and found a relationship between frequency and current. quot Then select quot Logger Pro quot from the list that pops up on the right. This is the initial temperature of the water and calorimeter. Hit the record button in Logger Pro and let it collect the pressure data for three minutes After three minutes hit the liner fit button to get the slope of the pressure kPa min In a data table record the slope where it says test tube one or 20 drops depending on how you labeled it The way we got 9. Highlight these frames by selecting lines 20 through 33 in the data table. If you have an account sign in now to post with your account. See full list on users. How do you then determine the coefficient of friction I will skip some steps but here is the general idea . They should be different. I 39 ve attached my data in the pictures. Press quot Go quot on the Logger Pro program on the computer and then push each cart towards the center of the track to make them collide. I just made a guess at the values. If the value you obtained in 1. To determine the spring constant of our spring we did a linear fit on the resultant graph and our spring constant came out to be 29. Materials spring clamps mass motion sensor force sensor ruler logger pro. Logger Pro. derivativeSG derivativeSG Y X Y A column of real numbers X Optional. Apply Linear Fit and write down the value of the slope number and units and its uncertainty for these data points. Zoom in on the section that shows constant acceleration and fit that section with a linear fit. The gradient can be quoted as the gradient of the linear fit and the uncertainty from max gradient min gradient In this case 5. 8 to the cuvette holder of the spectrometer which is located on its bottom . As with all computer based experiments your analysis of the data is the most important and precise calibration of the probes is critical. Connect the Quattro Logger to the PC. Get Logger Pro alternative downloads. Sketch graphs label units on axes sketch in data points or trends you do not need s on axes points don t need to be exact Write the equation of the line curve with The Easy Logger Pro is an upgrade over the hugely successful Easy Logger free. edu Because we used logger pro for this raw data was not collected Graphical Representation for the motion sensor portion of this experiment. Position. An increased weight will mean a higher terminal velocity while an increased drag means a lower terminal velocity. Thus we entered our data into Logger Pro and graph it to obtain the slope which is the value of kinetic friction coefficient. t Be able to interpret motion graphs and to make prediction Learn how to measure velocity and acceleration Problem solving skills Transfer the Time and Gate data from logger pro into the six yellow cells under SLOW CAR. When the copper shot reaches an equilibrium temperature record it in the data sheet. s energien E er afsat op ad y aksen s jle 4 mens temperaturstigningen T er afsat henad x aksen s jle 3 . time where slope is C or 0. Delete all graphs but one. Obviously logger pro didn 39 t know are mass so we measured the mass of are kart and manually entered it into logger pro. Logger Pro 3 includes a site license for your entire school or college department. The professor ran 5 experiments with different voltage meaning that these would differ in velocity tangent to the electrically operated wheel. Use the analyze menu or R button to find the slope of the velocity time graph. a Thepointofpeakintensity. You must land on the check Show Uncertainty for slope. Describe how you would walk to produce this target graph. Calculating Uncertainty Using Random uncertainties Logger Pro is the software that controls the interface and displays the results of the temperature sensor measurements. We had to store and analyze each run in order to get the average force exerted. These points are the edges of the ladder rungs. Then we use excel by applying a mathematics model to recieve the velocity. In this lab the cupcake is falling in free fall towards the motion detector in which the data of position and the time will be recorded in the logger pro. Two lines meet at the end reaching an equilibrium. Next we ran our system through logger pro. Every time you switch solvents or buffers a new reference spectrum must be taken so the instrument must be recalibrated. Now construct a histogram to display the frequency of the values of a g you have obtained. motion detectors force plates force probes and video analysis tools to collect and analyze reallife data Milner I had a motion detector record the position of a dynamics cart and automatically plot Position vs Time and Velocity vs Time plots in Logger Pro on the computer. Logger Pro clamp or ring stand to secure Photogate PRELIMINARY QUESTIONS 1. Write down the value of A and its uncertainty with units to 3 significant figures. 1851 Smin 1. 2 2 m k 3 2 3 s mm k 2 2 cos 4 2 b t m kb x Ae t mm slope and intercept in your hand written data table of the best fit line to the velocity time graph for each trial. For more details on how to download and install Logger Pro click here. COPY PASTE your Logger Pro data table and Logger Pro graph on your lab. Explains how the standard uncertainty of repeatability u V REP can be estimated as standard deviation of parallel measurement results. Note that the time cursor is at the same time in each graph clearly showing the phase relationship between graphs. Temperature is also a condition that affects the speed of sound. 5 attached before you leave the lab. Here I am going to manually fit two lines in Logger Pro. To measure this difference give the cart a push up the incline. grounding wires amp wrist strap ground plate Logger Pro software Technical details Before attempting to measure the charge on a metal ball familiarize yourself with the Vernier equipment and Logger Pro software. Turn in this handout with all questions answered and with the Logger Pro graph see 2. mp4. Now here 39 s what to do. use logger pro to choose a portion of your graph to make a best fit line so that it shows constant acceleration throughout the motion of your car. Detailed instructions for video analysis using Logger Pro. Double click the pop up box and check Show Uncertainty. Using the Law of Conservation of Energy show that the slope of KE m vs. Applications Logger Pro 3 Experiments Physics with Vernier 01a Graph Matching 4. This is a method of finding the slope and intercept with associated uncertainties of the line giving the best fit 39 39 to your data. Give the rod a spin and allow it to rotate freely. 5 3. Note The rst time that you run Logger Pro with your LabPro interface a message may appear notifying you of an update to the LabPro operating system. In order to later solve the kinetic energy lost we analyze in Logger Pro the slope of each ball before and after the collision. 7. Record this value with its uncertainty as the acceleration of gravity. time graph. i. Underneath the Logger Pro Graph I want you to list the slopes between dot 1 and dot 2. We will look at these graphs to solve for the acceleration of gravity. 247426 mm Hg slope 387. The slope for this graph is approximately 20cm seconds says 0. Logger Pro 3 updates are free. 1 amps repeat the experiment 15 times until you reach a maximum of 1. Start the Logger Pro software. the meaning of the y intercept is discussed the non zero intercept from the Logger Pro 39 s analysis of 0. The remaining instructions will teach you to work with Logger Pro. Whiteboard a sketch of your plot. 5 m and directly above the motion detector. The graphs should be labeled Position and Velocity and both should have Time on the x axis. r with an equation of the form Fcoul A r2. In simple terms measurement uncertainty as stated in a datasheet is taken as the range of the 95 closest measurements to the average mean of 100 measurements. Using Logger Pro produce a graph of your motion when you walk away from the detector with constant velocity. If you have a PC open a second copy of Logger Pro and open your template graph file you The uncertainty is so large because the mass of the paper clips is so low and the balance only measures to the one s place. I then entered the uncertainty for the position as 0. You will use this value of water in Part II. The horizontal axis has time scaled from 0 to 2 seconds. 04 g . 93 Then for our calculation for density of Zn was 6. These pages exist to explain more specific concepts. Using the position of each plot Logger Pro generates two separate graphs each with the x and y positions of each ball. 879 rad s 2 Experiment 4 consisted the same setup but in this case the torque pulley was changed to a larger one with a 0. The object had You might need to change the values along the axis. Determine the slope of the line for the ring and the disk. 2. Do not interrupt Logger Pro comes with the most advanced useful and efficient methods of analyzing collecting and monitoring data. The program will tell you the values of three parameters which it calls A B C. Click on the Logger Pro 2. Delete the graph of Y vs. Insert the video into LoggerPro. We took linear fits of the data for when the mass was moving up and down. Note The first time that you run Logger Pro with your LabPro interface a message may appear notifying you of an update to the LabPro operating system. Circles Unit Angles Inscrib. Pull down the experiment menu and slide right on Change Units Lab Pro 1 Pressure Sensor 400 and select mmHg. Plug in the green LabPro interface with the small power supply to the nearest electrical outlet at the lab table. As said the sensor of known uncertainty measured the position of the cart as it slided down a ramp and a plot of Velocity vs Time was automatically generated by the program on the computer. I also learned the formula for the drag force. Double click c 2013 2014 Advanced Instructional Systems Inc. Using LoggerPro Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action. is the slope of x t the quantity while the standard deviation is the uncertainty the spread in What is the uncertainty on your slope the velocity Record this in the data table on page 5 of the Logger Pro file. A3. 60. Let them take it home No need to count computers to satisfy licensing. 68 meters and the tool to make points in video analysis was used to determine slope and therefore velocity of the swing. Aside from the usual possible inaccuracies in logger pro uncertainty in our measuring instruments etc I observed two that were most significant to this lab First when attaching the object through the hoops made via the loops in a paperclip we assumed that the pivot was perfect without friction attached perfectly about a pivot. 00248 kg. The thermometer is placed on the surface of the desk and is set to record the room temperature for 300 seconds at two samples per second. Compare your result 1 Slope Value with the accepted value for the acceleration due to gravity g 9. Note that the path may a bit different than the one shown. Find the equation of the straight line using slope intercept form method. ligands cuts across the face of the octahedron. on the computer. time graph using the prediction feature of Logger Pro Choose Draw Prediction from the Analyze menu and use the mouse puter. For this lab you could use a spreadsheet program such as Excel or a graphing calculator. 1 Video Tools 2. harvard. 3 Choose Percentage or Fixed Value depending on your need 4 Type the constant into the Error Constant text box and click Done . Record the slope of the graph below Data Table 2. Add a trendline and display it on the graph. Record the slope of the line. Double click the name. Print your graph In LoggerPro choose File then Print. 067 s the final time . The rate of change in pressure over time was calculated by finding the slope of pressure vs. With Logger Pro we were able to map out the rate and acceleration at which the coffee filter s fell. Neithercut folder. The two carts should repel each other to represent an elastic collision. Series Journal of Physics Conf. Note that what has been presented here is but the briefest introduction to inorganic nomenclature. 001262 for k and . 5103 intercept 0. If Logger Pro is running with someone else s data click FILE New . NOTE By examining the setup of the system see comments above we can see Open quot Linear Fit Options quot from the Logger Pro menu and then select quot 5 significant figures quot and quot Show Uncertainties quot . 0 611 606 588 1. On the right enter slope and intercept values that are close to but not exactly the best fit values. 13 10. Estimates of slope and offset contain too many significant figures. Start Logger Pro and click the Open button. Have the lab title number date lab section lab partner names and summary on the first page. Go to Page Auto Arrange to ll up the window with the graph. J. Include uncertainties sources of uncertainty and how to minimize uncertainty 4 points Explore shortcomings of the experiment 3 points Analyze the data with your mathematical model correctly in order to find a value for the spring constant of the spring 4 points Logger Pro agrees with the meter stick measurement. Expand the video window to fit most of the screen. 4. wpi. I tried to verify it by using my formula and plugging in values. If the Lab Pro power cord is not plugged in do so now. Hold a single coffee filter in your hand. The dots represents the approximate location of the coffee filter s at some time. The students plot F c vs. Enter your results in Table 4. This coefficient is equal to 0. Mac OS X users can find the icon in the Logger Pro folder created during installation. Repeat 2. Once all four graphs have been created in logger pro we determined the mean force exerted on each stack of blocks and generated another graph to find the coefficient of kinetic friction. 70 which we were of by 5. Be very careful not to let the weights slip off the weight The slope can also be easily determined by fitting a linear best fit line to the data. 2 From the pull down menu choose Insert Graph and do that again you should now have 3 graphs on your screen. 11 10. However in lab sometimes you need another method. Its vertical axis has distance scaled from 0 to 5. time graph should appear on the screen. cmbl file to open Logger Pro. Fill out the average and uncertainty columns in the data table. Press quot Stop quot on the Logger Pro program before the carts surpass the 50cm mark on each end of the track. In most cases you may get multiple sets of experiment data. 3 462 470 455 1. INCLUDE UNITS. The temperature changes were recored in logger pro and collected for 20 seconds. The Lab Pro will beep when the power is connected. 1 6010 6030 5930 6000 30 0. This Cell phone tracker and monitor app has been used on over 100 000 devices and enjoys a 4 star rating on Google play store. In the box labeled Name change the name to match the variable of the data column on your worksheet. Fig. We also tried this part with 5 different masses of wooden block. this may have been the result of slight changes with the incline of the ramp or not dropping the ball from the exact spot every time. 61 Smex 1 132 0. Logger Pro graph and then smoothly rotate the three step pulley counterclockwise through three revolutions with your finger tips. need only record the value of the slope of the best fit line to the velocity time graph for each trial into Logger Pro. The vertical axis has pressure scaled from 0 to 2. 15 Download for Wndows 10 8. Record the slope and uncertainty in Table 5 of your Activity Log. Double click the graph in the white space and add a Title. Click 39 Stop 39 on Logger Pro to capture the spectrum. Repeat steps 10 and 11 for test tubes 2 3 and 4 We recorder the fall from each filter and use logger pro to help plot the points to form a position vs time graph. 85s the slope is positive if we assume the upward direction is positive direction velocity between 0. An empty distance vs. Launch Logger Pro by clicking on the icon below. I do not think using percentage uncertainty would make sense here because you could measure the slope with however big or small numbers you wanted depending on what two points you chose to use. 06350 cm is compared to the maximum y value of 65. Heat like sound is a form of kinetic energy. Go to Experiment Set up Sensors. edu Temperature and the speed of sound. 1 Click on View on the main menu. mov and shm_200. 0 2. Since a non linear relationship is expected you 39 ll need to re express the independent variable in order to linearize the relationship. Below is an image and calculation of the heat energy being outputted from the heater which was 5696 J. Enter the abbreviation for the units. Both answers would be right depending on initial assumptions. Prepare the computer for data collection by opening Boyle s Law from the Chemistry with Computers experiment files of Logger Pro. A photogate is an optical device that is used to accurately time events. Motion and force data graphed in Logger Pro. time graph to check your answer. Using the values obtained for percent uncertainty in mass and diameter determine the largest percent uncertainty in the experiment. t a vs. UNNES Physics International Symposium 2018 UPIS2018 IOP Conf. Press Start Stop to initiate data collection. Objectives Understand x v and a displacement velocity and acceleration Understand motion graphs x vs. 6029 0. 9. 6 or newer versions of those operating systems. Use Logger Pro to calculate mean time and uncertainty from the time given Mean Time 5 Uncertainty 5 3. Below is an example of the graph of data we got using Logger Pro. 15. time graph represent Test your answer to this question using the Motion Detector. Change the Short Name to the symbol for that variable. I got Vernier Logger Pro to do the tangent and slope calculations for me which is why there are more decimal places than uncertainty. Do a few test runs trying out the Logger Pro sensors. I. For example measure the net charge created by rubbing your feet against carpet. 5 4. This should be the FIRST thing on your lab. A 200 g mass is to be used for calibration. Connect the LabQuest Mini interface to the computer. 3 cm we found our prediction was off by 2. Repeat 5 10 times to find the standard error for the accelerations. Using video capture on the Macbook Pro we were able to record the fall of the coffee filter s . The method is implemented as a function in the Excel spreadsheet and as an analysis tool in Logger Pro. Brief summary the lecture explains calculation of mean Vm and standard deviation s . Download Logger Pro Here are links to download the software from Vernier Software amp Technology. The finite difference approximation to the dW dt is 92 Delta W 92 Delta t . time. 5 1222 1183 1207 1200 10 1. The absolute value of the slope of the graph is equal to 1 RC. Find the slope of the line both going up the incline and down this will be the two accelerations . 3. Du skal s rge for at energien er tegnet som funktion af temperaturstigningen dvs. l The Logger Pro window should contain a graph of Force vs Time. The recorded videos have been analyzed with vector analysis software Logger Pro 3 and latter data were processed by an Excel routine in order to determine COR. Get your two carts ready and place them on the track. You can show these sets of data in a scatter chart simultaneously and then use an amazing chart tool Add Trend Lines to Multiple Series provided by Kutools for Excel to add the best fit line curve and formula in Excel. 681 Table 8. With this program you can effectively monitor experiments test results and share them through graphical representations. Collect the pressure vs. Start up Logger Pro and open the file quot 02_Cart. What additional information will you need to determine the average speed of the Download Logger Pro onto your computer. Create columns in your Logger Pro data table for y A y B and v B and enter the calculated values from your Excel table. Use ORIGIN or Excel to plot force vs. In this experiment aforce spring was used to keep moving object traveling in a circular path. The slope of a graph of distance vs. You can set n in Settings for Name . Check that the Quattro Logger s batteries are in place. Logger pro developed for us a velocity vs. 86g cm 3 the true density of al is 2. If it does so with a positive slope the enantiomer is designated lambda but it does so with a negative slope is designated delta . The program should open with a table of X and Y columns. y is the gravitational acceleration g I also need to figure out gravitational acceleration uncertainty. Our videos prepare you to succeed in your college classes. 92 endgroup Ryuky Mar 25 39 13 at 15 01 Logger Pro. Quoting your uncertainty in the units of the original measurement for example 1. Go to page 2 in Logger Pro to plot the On Voltage V d versus the reciprocal of the wavelength 1 . The shm_200. Place the Logger pro temperature probe in the calorimeter and leave it there to reach an equilibrium temperature with the water and calorimeter. Log on to your NCSSM account. Click the slope tool it says 39 R 39 on the Logger Pro toolbar and is two icons to the left of the clock icon and it will give you the slope and uncertainty of the line. In the end we concluded that by using Logger Pro Lab Pro and motion detector we were able to figure out the acceleration and velocity by using graphs found from Logger Pro. Click Ok. It can then use the change in position to calculate the object s velocity and acceleration. Start the Logger Pro program and open file Probes amp Sensors 92 Photogates 92 Pulley The graph below shows the data recorded in logger pro with this mass. In the physics methods course we incorporated Logger Pro probeware e. A perfect correlation with positive slope is shown by a 1 correlation while a negative slope is shown by a 1 correction. This can be done by using the Model function under the Analyze menu button. It is designed for students and professionals with tools and features that are easy to use. The Capacitor starts getting charged or it slowly starts accumulating charges on it s plates. Supports over 80 Vernier sensors for real time graphing and analysis. Here is the max slope that looks like it fits. Part l Setting up the computer amp Preliminary Experiments. slope. 5in above the table. 9943 . Change the short name to the first letter of what you typed in name. Y intercept the initial position of the cart. If you are having trouble with Chemistry Organic Physics Calculus or Statistics we got your back Our videos will help you understand concepts solve your homework and do great on your exams. quot Start a new quot Logger Pro quot document. where R radius of the disk and V is the one obtained from Pythagorean Theorem. The first is of our logger pro data and the second is a graph representing our logger pro data in an excel file. time graph using Logger Pro 3. Open the Drop Counter folder located in the Probes amp Sensors folder. Click on this icon 2. 2 V Zener. Since the uncertainty in the graph is smaller than the uncertainty in the angular speed it is safe to say that the uncertainty in the slope is caused by the uncertainty in the measurements of the dimensions and period. How does the constant c relate to the slope of the velocity vs. Connect a SpectroVis Optical Fiber the blue cable being held in Fig. 8 Use Logger Pro 39 s Analyze Examine Tool with the data collected by Logger Pro to The uncertainty t ti 1 ti 0. Stephanie Chun 2213 020 March 5 2010 Chemistry SL Prepare the computer for data collection by opening Average Velocity Lab from the experiment files of Logger Pro. Write in the correct variable name INCLUDING A SHORT NAME AND INCLUDING UNITS. Categories. 1. Be careful with how the data is reported. a single reading or the uncertainty from scatter. Logger Pro Photogate Ultra pulley negligible mass Mass set Lightweight string Stand and clamp Stony Brook Physics Laboratory Manuals PHY 133 Lab 3 The Atwood Machine updated Sep. Now divide this rate of change in the concentration of each gas by the weight S ometimes Logger Pro will skip data points. 2. t would give us the . The The velocity of each cart can be measured directly using Logger Pro and photogates. y Using the method appropriate for your computer start the Logger Pro application. When you perform a linear regression of your data points using the Analyze gt Linear fit function Logger Pro can automatically calculate the uncertainty of your slope and intercept see Working with Logger Pro video tutorial Part 2 . Do this by clicking on the y axis and selecting Position. t v vs. After three revolutions make sure that the grooves on the pulleys are precisely aligned with the dark line on the masking tape. If you are using the slope to determine some physical quantity eg the acceleration from a graph of velocity vs time then the standard deviation of the slope is a reasonable 67 confidence level uncertainty. Logger Pro will perform this calculation for you. Measuring the pressure in mmHg provides a convenient and efficient use of the resolution of the pressure sensor. I was also able to do a linear fit to our data to calculate the slope. acquiring the reference spectrum is called calibration in Logger Pro. e. 9999 was acceptable. 11 and the spreadsheet pages see 3. Go to FILE select OPEN and nd the folder called Probes and Sensors. I didn 39 t calculate the derivative by hand I just made Logger Pro do a numerical derivative from the data given with respect to time. Start by saving both the shm_200. Connect the Motion Detector to PORT 2 of the Universal Lab Interface ULI and turn on the ULI switch in the back. Measuring fit coordinates slopes and areas. The slope of the graph gets steeper and steeper which indicates that the speed of the cart is getting greater and greater. 4. Here is a question that I am very much stuck on. You can use position vs time if you want and use a quadratic fit. Also include an estimate of the uncertainty in your measurement. To begin this lab we loaded the Logger Pro software and opened the file quot graphlab quot which contained the settings needed to run this lab. a. 5s and 0. This will give you the Q of the mass spring system with the relation 9 AP Physics 1 Class Notes. The ideas of averaging constant data and finding the standard deviation will be introduced. Logger Pro software voltage sensor circuit board wires batteries your phone s camera Technical details Before attempting to measure RC familiarize yourself with the Vernier equipment and Logger Pro software. The resulting final temperature in our calculation was 75 C. Find best fit curve and activate slope tool. 93768 m s s Logger pro acceleration 0. 3 3 The screen should show a data table and two graphs one position vs time the other velocity vs time . 1 logo. Use the mouse to select the region of the data on the v t graph that you want to analyze. Include sample logger pro files showing data. Time graph Linear Fit Parameters Y intercept Acceleration m s 18. Data and calculations 10. For these specific situations we can take advantage of some of the tools available to perform nonlinear regression or curve fitting in Excel. This also reinforced the concept that the slope of a position graph represents velocity. 2 Estimate the uncertainty in your slope measurements. Be sure time is in the first column so it ends up on the x axis. Release it and watch it fall to the ground. This becomes especially helpful when teach ing algebra based physics courses see Fig. 85s is positive the slope between 0. If it does not consult an instructor. Make it clear and pretty. Continue to move masses from . Using logger pro allowed us to see the change graphically. 2541 is the result we wanted. 2016 . Scale the movie Click on the meter stick icon Set scale on the right. 5 cm. II. Disconnect the photogate from the interface. If none of these file names fits your sensor open the file named Drop Counter pH . Disconnect the spectrometer from your computer. Use the red best fit line from Logger Pro between time 1. l The force probe needs to be calibrated before you can use it for measurements. The calculated slope from the fit represents the gravitational constant and the program also gives a value for the uncertainty in the slope. With the correlation rate students attempted to fix their correlation data to be at least 5 correct by changing the made up mass of the tray to increase the correlation rate. 132 0. 5 cm is approximately 3 cm so this small non zero y intercept can be ignored. Inspect your Picket Fence. Calibrate the force sensor. cmbl quot which is in the folder called quot Physics with Vernier. 1 g or 3. 3 Medical Interventions Logger Pro Resource Sheet Page 3 How to perform a Linear Fit The Linear Fit feature draws a linear regression line over the selected area of a graph and calculates the slope m and The numerical derivative is the weighted average of the slope of n points around each point. 1 and 10. 8grams or 0. Start collecting data and try pushing a glider with a flag through one gate. Print Your Name Use Logger Pro software to perform graphical analysis of data. Under the Insert menu in Logger pro select Video Capture . Time graph from a Vernier Logger Pro for MAC Vernier Logger Pro for MAC is a data collection and analysis software for Mac computers specifically Mac OS X version 10. 5. They learned how to select portions of the graph and how apply a linear fit. Add this data as a second data set in Logger Pro Data gt New Data Set then under Data Set 2 in your table enter these weights as your x values and force of static friction as your y values Click on the Y axis label and choose More to put both data sets on one graph. 1 or later or Windows XP Vista 7. Materials 1 car 1 motion detector Procedure 1. Be able to connect sensors to the Lab Pro interface and find them in the Logger Pro program calibration of a device will be shown in future labs. 5 Save your graph and place your file into the X drive. Make sure that the pulley is stable and well aligned by using the rubber stoppers. 13979 SW Millikan Way Figure 2 Charging of capacitor. 85s and 1. slope o min. Detailed instructions for using them are given below. time graph is zero is the object being measured was held at a single position away from the sensor. Double click on the y column in the data set at the top . The uncertainty in the values used in making our prediction is hard to estimate because we used a logger pro video capture to find the frictional torque so it is possible that our errors are large enough to account for our observed deviations. The bottom graph gives the change of position over time and this graph shows the object 39 s acceleration increasing over time. Graph comprehension has several aspects . Logger pro was used to do a linear fit of the filter once it reached terminal velocity. We ran the data collection for each weight in order to get a good sample size. Open the Logger Pro software. 14 10. Find the slope of your position vs time graph by clicking Analyze then Linear Fit. The slope of the curve was our terminal velocity. How to use Logger Pro in high school especially International Baccalaureate sciences to make good graphs for lab reports. 2 is a digitized picture from the video record showing the process of an inclined bounce. Start the Logger Pro data collection program and then choose New from the File menu. do this analysis you will use the Logger Pro software to examine a pre scaled Logger Pro file that calls on the movie with the file name shm_200. Introduction When an object moves through a fluid such as air it experiences a drag force that that you matched. For larger resistances the calibrated LabPro ohmmeter and digital mul timeter agree up to 1 M higher value resistors were not tested . There is of course Open Office Excel Google Docs and other spreadsheets. 2 V but internal amplifiers may increase this to 10 V or more. In Logger Pro switch to a distance vs. 66 9. Print graph with Logger Pro 1. Double click on the Logger Pro icon or select Logger Pro in the Start Menu. 2 cm gives the absolute uncertainty. 2015 The purpose of this lab is to study Newton s second law using an Atwood s machine and to apply the law to determine the acceleration due to gravity the Logger Pro file to your partner at this point. 379 which is approximately 1 So the gradient is 4 1 Ckg Join the conversation. Note that a red LED will light on top of the gate when something is in the middle We connected the current meter to logger pro and the results showed a sinusoidal wave form of current and voltage. Once the computer is turned on and the desktop screen appears double click on the Logger Pro 3. Part 0 Setup a. Open Logger Pro 2. These uncertainties are given by the curve fit used in the picture above. logger pro slope uncertainty